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3A WWRp Large Martin IRON PANDA (Ashley Wood Design)

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WWRp Large Martin (IRON PANDA)
Direct From ThreeA Toys!

Large Martin is the successor to B.O.B, a moderately successful stopgap artillery bot from Rothchild. Initially seen with single cannon configurations, later models were fitted with twin cannons and became known as Damn Large Martins, DLM's for short.

Large Martin was developed by Rothchild as a more effective way of handling large Bramble Mk2 platoons which were proving overly troublesome to all customers. A Large Martin herd L.M.H can effectively lay waste to most opposition and has become the standard for "softening" the opponents position.

Large Martin isn't as quick on its feet as a Bramble Mk2, but coupled with the standard Square2 accompaniment running support and retrieving field data makes Large Martin the most formidable of all the Rothchild robots.

Large Martin first saw action in the now mythic defence of Moscow which saw the largest Martin force ever dropped be held at bay for four days while the Earth coalition could organize a rear-guard attack. After this battle Large Martin would become a standard fixture on all battlefields, the only real question, what will Rothchild make to counter the Large Martins dominance of the battlefield

Weight: 4,002kg
Dimensions: Height 3.5m, Width 2.9m
Range: 350km
Armour: 250mm; Plates 300mm
Armament: J Holmes 203mm ONYD Cannon
Powerplant: Brink Twin Turbocharged Diesel, 900hp

An Ashley Wood Design!
Ashley Wood is an internationally acclaimed, commercial illustrator, concept designer and comic book artist. He lives with his wife, three children and one cat in Australia. Ashley has been a professional illustrator for fifteen years and has worked for most major publishing and entertainment companies. Clients include: Dreamworks, Warner Bros, Sony, Konami, Vivendi International, Random House, Marvel Comics and Todd McFarlane Productions. Ashley's work has appeared in books, movies, magazines, comics, television and video games. He is a three-time Spectrum Award winner and a two-time Communication Arts award winner.

  • Series: World War Robot Portable (WWRp)
  • Set: Large Martin
  • Figure#: Not Applicable
  • Variant: IRON PANDA
  • Type: Action Figure
  • Format: Standard
  • Packaging: MOC
  • Origin: ThreeA Toys
  • UPC: N/A
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