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SW TLC BD MOC Imperial Engineer (Star Wars - Battlefront II) (BD No. 22) (5D6-RA7 Part) (SR3.0)

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ID# 000BC3
Shield Rating: 3.0
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Star Wars: Battlefront II

Architects of combat, Imperial engineers establish defenses and use various weapons and tools to destroy Rebellion emplacements. They employ devastating detpacks remotely-detonated explosives to destroy heavy machinery and enemy positions.

Figure comes with removable helmet, removable chest armor, blaster pistol & 1 Droid Factory part to make 5D6-RA7.

  • Series: The Legacy Collection (2008-Present)
  • Set: Build A Droid
  • Figure#: BD No. 22
  • Variant: Not Applicable
  • Type: Action Figure
  • Format: Standard
  • Packaging: MOC
  • Origin: Case Fresh
  • UPC: 653569372820

3.0 Shield Rating
3.0 Shields

Description: Minor Flaws
Flaws: At least one minor flaw. Flaws may affect frontal display.
Narrative: This item is in very good condition. At least one flaw is minor in nature. Flaws may affect the frontal view.
Display Value: A Very Good Display Item!

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Star Wars
The Legacy Collection
Mint On Card
Shield Rating 3.0